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Android and iOS App Development for IoT

It is common for the IoT project to ask to provide a client application on Android, iOS or even Windows Phone. In this case, we can develop an application on a Smartphone equipped with a mobile operating system. This can be Android and iOS type for better portability. This application will make the various system information available to the Smartphone and / or tablet equipped with this operating system.

Developpment d'application Android et iOS

Our team of Android and iOS app development experts will use their experience and know-how. Thus we can create an application adapted to your needs and meeting software standards for distribution on Playstore and Apple Store. We were therefore able to develop more than a hundred Android and iOS apps on behalf of prestigious clients .

We jointly define the technical specifications and the graphic charter of the application with the client.

It is also in the application that business algorithms: Biorhythm will be implemented, such as:

  • Measurement of the number of steps.
  • Estimated number of calories burned.
  • Analysis of the phases of deep and light sleep.
  • External geolocation.

Développement d’application Native et Hybride

A native app is an Android and iOS app. That is to say that it is developed specifically for these operating systems. However, some applications can be adapted to all operating systems. These are the hybrid applications.

Native Application

The native app represents the majority of the apps we use on a daily basis. They have many advantages. Because indeed, they are equipped with a better speed and reliability. This helps ensure a better user experience.

Hybrid Application

Hybrid or “cross-platform” applications only require a single version to be available on all platforms. They are therefore easier to develop and manage. But on the other hand they represent certain disadvantages concerning the functionalities and the performances.

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