feasibility study – technological expertise

Our engineering design house offers you its expertise and its know-how in electronics and embedded IoT to make a technological expertise of your project.

From your idea , Anthemis Technologies will identify the key development points and offer you the best solution to achieve your electronic project and / or IoT .

Anthemis Technologies develops and offers an implementation of electronic solutions both technically and economically for your project . We guarantee a simple and relevant approach for technological expertise

an initial reflection is necessary

  • Specify the objectives of the technological expertise.
  • Define development requirements / constraints.
  • Find technical solutions via a state of the art
  • Evaluate the relevance of these solutions and produce an architecture
  • Possibly realization of a demonstrator to validate certain functionalities and technologies
  • Establish a roadmap, planning
  • Establish a budget and a commercial contract to start the work.
Etude de faisabilité - Anthemis Technologies
Anthemis Technologies Valeurs ajoutées conception électronique

deliverables of the feasibility study:

  • Upstream study and technology watch.
  • State of the technical art.
  • Patent watch and IP advice.
  • Benchmarking and reverse engineering.
  • Elaboration Architectures.
  • Proposal of the chosen solution.
  • Budget.

Financial elements processed:

  • Define development objectives in relation to the company and its products.
  • Specify the technical and commercial objectives.
  • Evaluate the necessary and available human, technical and financial resources.
  • Establish a roadmap, planning.
  • Provision of the budget and annexes to the Business Plan.
Etude de faisabilité - Conseils Financements
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