Security of connected objects

The security of your connected object

Specialized in the world of IoT, Anthémis technologies is a electronic design office. Our team of specialists uses all its know-how to design your project. And supports you in all the stages of your project , from the feasibility phase to the design of your connected object ( IoT ) taking into account the security of your connected object object.

Nowadays, connected objects are everywhere and their uses are multiple. Indeed, it is a concept currently in vogue and we find them in many areas such as:

  • Health: blood pressure monitor, connected bracelet, scale …
  • Leisure: watches, televisions, video games…
  • Home automation: bulb, camera, alarm, heating …

This represents a market with enormous growth potential. For some, it even represents a real revolution with real impact. Indeed, the development of connected objects is only in its infancy. Manufacturers are always demonstrating more ingenuity in order to guarantee you better management and simplification of your daily life.

However, there is one aspect that remains little mentioned: that of the security of connected objects. We can ask ourselves the following question: how are our connected objects secure? According to a study carried out by Hewlett-Packard (or HP), 70% of connected objects assessed have many vulnerabilities that could be easily exploited. There are 9 times more cyber attacks suffered by connected objects in the space of one year between 2018 and 2019. Going from 12 to 105 million attacks. At the same time as connected objects multiply the attacks of cybercriminals too. This is explained by the multiplicity of data that your object collects

connected. Indeed, your data may be intercepted and / or diverted for malicious purposes and in order to find out more about you. Know that it is possible for a hacker to infiltrate a connected object in less than 3 minutes! This therefore generates new issues in terms of the security of your data. It is therefore essential to ensure the security of your connected objects.

At Anthémis Technologies, aware of the importance of the security of your connected objects, we make the protection of your data a priority.

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