Firmware development

Firmware Development

In each IoT module, it is necessary to develop a firmware which is the software embedded in the processor embedded on the electronic card . Often this will be a typical STM32 microcontroller for example. This firmware incorporates the necessary intelligence. That is to say the low-level computer code, to achieve all the functionalities requested in the specifications and validated in the software specifications.

The term firmware comes from “firm” which means “resistant” in English and from “software” meaning “Software”. It is also called firmware or microcode, it is a program present in a computer system. It allows computer hardware to function, and to evolve by making updates.

This allows it to improve its operation and obtain additional features. All this is possible without having to revise the hardware design or replace the computer hardware.

Firmware therefore plays a major role, since it allows our electronic devices to be able to function and perform their basic tasks. They are therefore present in all our devices. It is an essential part when developing an on-board system. Indeed, an on-board system is an electronic and computer system performing functions autonomously.

Specialist in electronic design and IoT, Anthémis Technologies offers you complete services for the design of your embedded system. With its skills in terms of electronics, algorithms and RTOS and low-level software firmware. Thus we are able to design your entire on-board system. And therefore to accompany you throughout your project.

Développement Firware
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