Anthemis Technologies masters all stages of prototyping!
We support you from the feasibility study to production.

electronic prototype

Anthemis Technologies, electronic design, on software development, also provides a service for manufacturing of electronic prototype.

Supply of electronic components, manufacture of PCB , Assembly of electronic boards, we ensure all the logistics of electronic production.

Electronic prototype process in an electronic project

  • Electronic prototype V1

    Initially, the development involves the realization of an electronic prototype V1 which will allow to validate together the functionalities and the concept of your product.

  • Electronic prototype V2

    Then, we proceed to the realization of an electronic prototype V2 which will integrate the possible evolutions or modifications seen previously in collaboration.

  • successful product

    Together we will arrive at a successful product, we will offer you support towards production and industrialization, in order to launch it on the market at the right time.

Roadmap of the electronic prototype

We develop systems and ensure the assembly of electronic boards or starting from technological bricks.

On the technical specifications that we write with you, we select the best electronic components taking into account the requirements of the project.

We calculate and establish the electronic architectures and diagrams that will make your system a reality. Through our Software Engineering service, we animate the electronics by designing the source code, firmware and low-level drivers necessary for on-board Os.

The electronic boards allows us to validate each key stage of the development process and to be able to carry out tests and demos with your future customers.

Need to subcontract an electronic board?

technologies and lab processes used

  • ESD workstations
  • Weller wiring / soldering station
  • Stencil and solder paste screen printing machine
  • ROHS environment
  • Prototype reflow oven
  • BGA wiring and repair tools
  • Wiring of strands and wire harnesses
  • Mechanical tools for cabinet integration
  • PLA PVC 3D printing machine …
  • Electrical control devices
  • Component storage warehouse
prototype electronique anthemis
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