M2M: Connected IoT System

BackEnd and FrontEnd for IoT Connected Network

“M2M”, short for Machine to Machine, refers to all the solutions and technologies that allow machines but also systems to communicate with each other automatically, without human intervention. M2M, which we now call IoT, is giving rise to new services. And so it makes it possible to improve daily life and automate tasks. Indeed, connected objects are increasingly present in our lives. They develop in various and varied sectors.

Today, IoT is a mature and rapidly evolving technology. Anthémis Technologies masters all the skills necessary for M2M communication; Hardware, software, embedded, networks, service platform, applications and user interfaces.

The main elements of an IoT system include:

  • A device or a group of devices capable of responding to requests for data contained in such devices or of transmitting that data.
  • A communications link that connects the device, or even a group of devices, to a server computer or other device.
  • A software, process, or interface through which data is analyzed, reported and / or implemented.

In order to make the link between the data recorded on the system (database). For M2M, we are planning to set up a remote server. This server is made up of two parts:

  • An administration part,
  • A usage part.

The administration part of the server allows you to follow, add / modify user accounts for example.

The user part allows users of the system to access a certain amount of data either via the application or via the dedicated site.


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