Data protection:

Data protection:

At Anthémis Technologies , aware of the importance of protecting your data, and of the risks of cybercriminal attacks, we make the protection of your data a priority.

Your data constitutes an important resource for companies, whatever the field concerned (technical, financial, commercial…). They are essential data and information. The protection of corporate IT data must therefore be taken seriously. Indeed, because a loss of data or a leak can prove to be extremely harmful and heavy with consequences.

The multiplicity of connected objects and digital tools leads to an increase in the amount of data collected. While the use of these connected tools simplifies our daily lives, they are exposed to many threats from cybercrime. The theft or misappropriation of this data is therefore a risk that should not be overlooked in a context of increasing use of digital media. Data protection is becoming a real issue and a problem for companies.

For the protection of our data, the General Data Protection Regulation (RGDP) which entered into force on May 25, 2018 establishes a new legal framework for the protection of personal data. The primary objective of the GDPR is to protect the freedoms of individuals and in particular the law of protection of personal data. The GDPR applies to individuals as well as to professionals regardless of their size or activity, as long as they process and / or collect personal data. Personal data is all information about a natural or legal person that can be identified. It is therefore important to respect and protect this data.

Anthémis Technologies guarantees you respect for your personal data by being transparent and by implementing confidentiality clauses.

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