Anthemis Technologies - Expert in Wireless Electronics, Android iOS App with Network and DashBoard on Dedicated Remote Servers
Anthemis Technologies - Expert in Wireless Electronics, App with Network and DashBoard on Dedicated Remote Servers
Today, it is essential to have a app and Dashboard to launch a new IOT project.

development of connected applications Android iOS

IoT structure - Creation of connected object

We are specialized in the development of connected system and IOS application and Android. Anthémis Technologies offers you a full service service. For this we carry out the design of the connected object and a application to allow the user to interact with his object. We will also develop the design of the application based on your brand image, but also on the function and use of your connected object. We jointly define the technical specifications and the graphic charter of the application with you. So we can design an application adapted to your needs and compliant with the various software standards.

In recent years, consumers have developed a strong interest in connected objects. It is common for the desired connected object to require the installation of an application on Android and iOS. In this case our team of experts can develop an application on a Smartphone equipped with a mobile operating system. Indeed, we master all the techniques necessary for the design of an application. We implement algorithms and master wireless networks and connections ( Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G Lte ) and all avant-garde electronic infrastructures.

Development of connected mobile applications

Nowadays, an electronic system will bring more value with a connection to a iOS or Android app .

Also, to complete our services, we have always relied on the capitalization of know-how in software and we have developed more than a hundred Android and iOS apps on behalf of prestigious customers.

Our team of specialists in the development of connected mobile applications will put all its know-how at your service to create an application that meets your expectations and latest standards and guidelines Android and IOS .

STEPS In the development of the iOS Android app

Définition de vos besoins

01 / Definition of your needs

After one or more meetings, we will work out with you precise specifications in order to identify your needs and define the characteristics of the mobile application to be designed.

Conception de la maquette de votre Application

02 / Mockup design

The purpose of the mockup is to make sure that our vision of rendering the application perfectly matches your expectations. It also allows you to adjust and validate certain features.

Story Board de votre application

03 / Story Board / user experience

The models are produced through a story board showing the entire user journey within your mobile application. Navigation should be fluid and intuitive for users.

Développement et Intégration - Création de Site Internet - Anthemis Technologies


During this step, our team will develop all the pages of your application, it will integrate all the features defined previously ( BDD, purchase via the application, geolocation …).

Test poussé de votre application connectée

05 / Testing the application

Once your application has been developed, we will perform numerous tests in order to ensure the proper functioning of the application and to validate a to one of the developed features.

Test de votre application en beta privée

06 / Private beta deployment

We will release the application for a limited number of people in preview in order to eliminate the last small bugs and polish it ‘optimization of the application based on their feedback.

Déploiement de votre application connectée sur les Stores


Once your application is finished, we will deploy it on the different stores. We will also ensure proper functioning and, if necessary, final adjustments.

Formation à l'utilisation.


Depending on the features of your application, we will train you in their use. Dissemination of “push” notifications to your users, creation of promotions. Everything will be explained to you!

Do you want an IOS or Android app?

Native application development (IOS & ANDROID) AND HYBRID

Our team of specialists in the development of connected iOS and Android applications will use all their know-how to create a IoT application compliant with software standards for distribution on Apple Store and PlayStore .

A mobile application can be developed specifically for an operating system (native application) like Android or IOS, or it can adapt to all (hybrid application).

Hybrid mobile applications

Hybrid applications are so-called “cross-platform” applications. You only need to deploy a single version of the application for it to be available on all platforms. “The hybrid application is easier to develop and manage.” However, the functionality available to applications is reduced and performance will be reduced because the code is less well optimized.

Hybrid applications advantages:

  • Cross-platform code: One code to create an app on Android & amp; IOS.
  • Shorter development and design time for an application with simple functionality.
  • Easy to set up application update.
Création Application Mobiles Hybrides

Native mobile apps

The native app makes up the vast majority of apps we download every day. It is an application that is developed specifically for an operating system. Each system uses its own programming language. Android uses Java while iOS uses the Objective-C programming language.

Benefits of native applications:

  • Better performance : speed, reliability and with better responsiveness as well as higher resolution. All this ensures a better user experience.
  • Direct access to all the features of the smartphone , from the camera to the microphone and even the GPS location.
  • Use of push notifications . Can only be used on native applications. These allow you to alert your users and get their attention whenever you want.
  • Works without internet: Your application can work even if the smartphone does not receive internet

Other additional services

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Creation of website

Machine to Machine - M2M - Anthemis Technologies

M2M – Machine To Machine

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