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Your electronic design office and connected system

For more than 14 years, we have been offering our technical expertise. We support SMEs and large companies in the manufacture of electronic product of connected system .

Expert in electronic development and connected system, Anthémis Technologies offers you a wide range of services in the new universe of connected products and services. Our team of experts is at your disposal and meets your expectations by providing you with their knowledge and know-how in;

  • Electronic Engineering and Design CAD PCB .
  • Firmware and embedded system development.
  • Development of Android and IOS applications.
  • Dashboard of connected objects.

Our electronic design office supports you in all stages of your IoT project . From pre-project analysis to industrialization of your connected system. We study with precision its feasibility, by analyzing its technical and financial aspect. We therefore offer you a realistic and personalized action plan.

Our experience and skills have allowed us to give birth to many projects with innovations recognized in social and economic media. So we have collaborated with many companies, throughout France and internationally.

Android iOS application and connected system development

And in recent years, the development of connected object has been booming. It is electronic equipment that communicates with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Consumers have developed a strong interest in the connected system because it aims to improve their daily lives. Indeed, they are now present in many fields such as sport, health, home, etc. They are therefore an opportunity for professionals and manufacturers, who wish to offer a smart object because they bring real added value to their products. activities.

We are specialized in the development of connected system and IOS application and Android. Anthémis Technologies offers you a full range of services and services . For this we carry out the design of the connected object and an application to allow the user to interact with his object. And we will also develop the design of the application based on your brand image, but also on the function and use of your connected object.

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