Android and iOS app: Achieve the UX (User Experience) of your connected object and its application

Android and iOS app: Achieve the UX (User Experience) of your connected object and its application

User experience

A well-thought-out user experience is decisive for the success of your connected object  . However, this aspect seems to be somewhat forgotten by the designers. Indeed, according to statistics, more than a third of connected objects are abandoned by users within the first 6 months of use. For example the choice of materials depends on the user experience. If the object is a sports connected bracelet intended for cyclists but also for swimmers, you have to think about the waterproofing of the materials.

It seems obvious, but many companies take these issues into account very late in the design of their device. Thus wasting time and money. Anthémis technologies masters the different aspects of the user experience, and in particular UX in the IOT . We ensure pleasant ergonomics and pleasure in using your connected object. Our goal is to ensure the best possible UX.

The user interface

A well thought-out user interface of a connected object is essential. This is a major step in the realization of your project. When creating a new connected product, the issue of the screen quickly comes to the fore. This plays a vital role in UX. It can be integrated directly into the product or deported to the Smartphone. The latter will then control the device via a dedicated application. It is therefore necessary to think of a simple and intuitive interface to facilitate and improve UX. This will promote the success of your connected object or application.

The Anthémis Technologies solution

Anthémis Technologies offers you all these types of user interfaces. From the creation of an application dedicated to control by gestures. Indeed, we master all these technologies to achieve the user interface of your future connected object. We also master complementary skills in the field of connected objects. We therefore have the capacity to fully realize your connected system. So we support you in all stages of your project. And we thoroughly study all aspects of it.

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