Trend towards electronic miniaturization

Anthémis Technologies is a electronics design office specializing in design and development of innovative products . Our team of experts is able to respond to current requirements and complexities, especially with regard to electronic miniaturization.

The development of miniaturization

The current requirements for technical devices and electronic modules are clear. New products have to be smaller and smaller and offer more and more features.

This trend towards electronic miniaturization has developed strongly in recent years. Indeed remember the first mobile phones: bulky, bulky, heavy, etc … Now our Smartphones are thinner and lighter. They are a true concentrate of technology with more and more functionalities.

The advantages of electronic miniaturization

The advantages of this miniaturist technology are obvious. Minimal weight, easy storage, increased maneuverability. But also optimizations regarding energy and material consumption. Benefits that have a positive effect in terms of costs and product use.

However, electronic miniaturization is constantly evolving in order to offer you ever more technical and innovative products. Thus making the design is the recycling of these objects more complex.

To ensure optimal use, development and manufacture requires a maximum of know-how. But also quality and precision for electronic miniaturization solutions. So that they meet the same requirements as their larger predecessors, with acceptable pricing.

Thanks to these trends, Anthémis Technologies sees its activity evolved through Mass Market products, connected watches, jewelry, etc. But also at the level of communicating object intended for the security of the industry, aeronautics or even construction.

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