Appropriate support for the creation of innovative products

Anthémis Technologies , design office specialized in electronic design and software development , since 2007. We support many Start Up VSEs and SMEs, in the process of creating innovative product .

Today, we can see that the evolution of the market for connected objects and innovative product continues to increase. New ideas are born every day in the minds of everyone, companies. A telling indicator is the significant increase in the number of patents each year (around 17,000).

At Anthémis Technologies , we are driven by a global and collaborative vision. This effectively promotes support for project leaders (whether they have created their company or not). Indeed, we support these new ideas, and guide them through the entire process of creating an innovative product. From the study of the project to the industrialization phase but also, without forgetting the financial aspects or even industrial property.

The time to market objective is important for you and for us. In order to ensure that innovative products and related services can be launched at the right time in your market.

Our design office has always wanted to advise project leaders. This translates into telephone interviews and business plan meetings. In order to help them better understand all the phases of the project and that it be a success.

Partnership and collaboration are modes of operation that allow for much better project management. Indeed, our electronics design office brings its experience and know-how. So that everyone can get involved and learn about each step of the process.

Our vision: to be the leader in a “concept / product” offer suitable for “profiles generating innovative ideas”.

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