Internet of things

The Internet of Things

The internet des Objects , ( Internet of Things (IoT) ) is above all a concept which makes it possible to extend the internet network to everyday objects.
This technology allows data transfer between different connected objects without human intervention. The devices can then interact with each other in a completely autonomous way.

The IoT sector is growing and the number of “connected objects” is becoming more and more important. From the watch to the shower head, everyday objects are increasingly drifting into connected objects for a better adaptation to its user. This is a technological breakthrough leading to significant changes in our lifestyles. The bridge between the different machines is then made without human interaction to adapt to the needs and the environment.

The development of these functionalities is possible thanks to the optimization of new electronic technologies such as wifi, RFID as well as the associated sensors. These different sensors allow the recovery and storage of user data.
Do you have a connected object (IoT) project?

Expert in the Internet of Things, our electronic design office supports you in all the stages of creating your connected object . From the analysis before the project to the industrialization of your connected system. We study with expertise its feasibility, by analyzing its technical and financial aspect. We therefore offer you a realistic and personalized action plan.

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