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User experience

Thinking carefully about the user experience is decisive for the success of your connected object ! It seems that this aspect is somewhat forgotten by the designers. Indeed, according to statistics in the first 6 months of use, users abandon more than a third of connected objects. For example the choice of materials depends on the user experience . If the object is a sports connected bracelet intended for cyclists but also for swimmers, it will be necessary to think about the waterproofing of the materials. It seems obvious, but many companies take these issues into account very late in the design of their device. Thus wasting time and money. Anthémis technologies masters the different aspects of the user experience. And in particular the UX in the IOT . We will thus ensure pleasant ergonomics and pleasure in using your connected object .

Réussir l'expérience utilisateur de votre objet connecté

Successful user interface of your connected object

Bien choisir l'afficheur pour son objet connecté
The User interface

Well thought out the user interface of a connected object is essential. When creating a new connected product , the issue of the screen quickly comes to the fore. This can be integrated directly into the product or deported to the smartphone. Indeed, it will then control the device via a dedicated application . But also the object can be directed without a screen using voice, gestures or using simple buttons. Anthémis Technologies can offer you all of these types of user interfaces. Like the creation of an application dedicated to control by gestures. Because indeed, we master all these technologies in order to achieve the user interface of your future connected object .

Do you have a connected object project?

Choose the right communication network

Choose the appropriate communication network

Use the correct communication network to circulate information is fundamental!

Because for the communication of connected objects , there are two camps; Energy-hungry equipment, which must send and receive their data by Wi-Fi or GSM . And objects that consume less energy, on standby most of the time. Indeed, they need to transmit a very small volume of information per day. For the latter type of object, specific long-range low-speed networks have been created ( Sigfox , LoRa ).

The final choice of a network will depend on several criteria. Anthémis Technologies masters all these types of technologies. And will be able to advise you and set up your communication network for your project.

Choisir le bon réseau de communication pour votre objet connecté
Optimiser la source d'énergie de votre objet connecté

Optimizing the energy source of your connected object

Rare are the connected objects constantly connected to the mains. For Anthémis Technologies, the issue of energy supply for connected products is essential. A device that only wakes up once a day to send some data doesn’t have the same needs as a smartwatch.

Indeed, the chosen energy source is the element that weighs the most on the design of smart objects. It is a real source of physical clutter.

Simple design

Un design simple pour votre objet connecté!

The connected object user should easily understand how the device works. This requires a simple design . The connected objects that work best do one thing, they just do it! The instructions are almost to be banned. Indeed, the trap to avoid is to launch a device that wants to do too many things and whose use is not easy for the customer.

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