The electronics manufacturing sector in France

In an unprecedented context of technological acceleration, notably via the internet of objects , and explosion digital technology, studies have attempted to imagine the future of the French electronic manufacturing for 2020 – 2025. These studies were carried out in contact with French and foreign players in the sector. Thus, development forecasts could be drawn up in the short and medium term concerning electronic manufacturing .

electronics is indeed present in all industrial sectors providing them with intelligence, autonomy, connectivity and performance thanks to the diversity of its actors. It brings together manufacturers of components, test and measurement equipment and products as well as subcontractors of design offices, distributors or companies developing systems and embedded software .

The French electronics manufacturing sector in 2019 in a few figures

  • 70 020 jobs.
  • 1 033 companies.
  • 15 billion euros in turnover.
  • 4.6 billion euros in Added Value.
  • 3 activity areas (Île de France, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Grand Ouest)

Regarding the 70,020 jobs in the sector, 48% represent component manufacturers, 37% work in EMS, 10% < / strong> in equipment, tests, measurements and consumables, 3% at distributors and 2% in design offices.

As regards the evolution of the turnover of the industrial production of electronic systems at the world level, in 1980 it represented 450 billion euros, then it reached 1,140 billion euros in 2008 and 1,500 billion euros in 2017. A very significant increase which shows its importance.

Regarding the electronic manufacturing sector, France is a major player in this sector, but it remains behind its competitors in Asia and North America.

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