Our electronic CAO subcontracting services:

Our electronic CAD subcontracting services:

Anthémis Technologies is a IoT design office and electronic CAD founded in 2006 . We offer you a wide range of services in the world of electronics and connected objects. Added to this is a electronic card subcontracting service where we ensure the assembly of your complete electronic products „ Made in France „. Always meeting perfectly the requirements of quality ISO9001 , deadlines and costs. Indeed, thanks to our skills, we are able to calibrate, optimize the costs and the processes of electronic card manufacturing . Whether for prototypes , small, medium or large series , we offer you production plans adapted to your objectives. Our commitment is to provide you with a quality, fair and balanced offer in terms of cost and time.

We have developed efficient processes and working methods to optimize your time and costs. We are followers of ISO methods which are easily applied within our production structure and our partners . Thus, iterations and production optimizations are more fast and relevant

Thanks to our network, you have the opportunity to work with an electronic subcontractor for:

  • The manufacture of electronic cards in small, medium or large series: Prototype mode, CMS report line mode…
  • Wiring of strands and wire harnesses
  • Assembly in boxes and racks
  • The manufacture of plastic parts, sheet metal work, etc.
  • The mechatronic assembly for the integration of electronic boards in their casings.
Herstellung von elektronischen Karten - Anthemis Technologies - elektronisches CAD.

You should also know that we make sure at all times to promote „ Made in France “ to participate at our level in the competitiveness of our country and encourage exchanges with our customers and local partners.

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