Cybersecurity is a field which brings together all the means (laws, devices, concepts, mechanisms) which make it possible to ensure the protection and integrity of data and resources within a digital infrastructure . It ensures data management in optimal and secure conditions. Thus it helps protect our data and information systems against cybercriminals . Indeed, with the development of connected objects and digital systems used, in particular by companies, these the latter are subject to the risk of attack by cybercrime, which is developing in parallel. Espionage, theft of sensitive encrypted data, fraud, sabotage, malicious intent … The reasons for cyberattacks and hacking are more and more numerous and so are their targets. In France, 9 out of 10 companies are affected by attacks or attempted attacks, 43% of which are SMEs.

The importance of cybersecurity

For these different reasons cybersecurity is a growing field which is very much linked to the process of control and communication between people and machines. Thus in recent years cybersecurity has become an essential concept, particularly for companies and States . It has become a real specialty within the IT professions. It therefore occurs on a recurring basis with the significant use of digital tools and internet communications by companies. In 2015 global cybersecurity spending amounted to 67 billion euros and should reach 152 billion euros in 2020 .

Companies have a real need for cybersecurity and need a reliable process and efficient in order to be able to operate under good conditions. Data protection, especially sensitive data, is essential to guarantee the integrity of each employee within a structure, but it is also the case for customers and partners. In addition, the law now requires entrepreneurs to put in place means guaranteeing the security of personal data.

At Anthémis Technologies , aware of the importance of cybersecurity, and the risks of cybercriminal attacks , we make the protection of your data a priority.

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