IoT battery: Optimizing the energy consumption of your electronics

IoT batteries: Optimizing the energy consumption of your electronics

Few of the connected objects constantly connected to the mains. For Anthémis Technologies , the issue of power supply for connected products is essential.

Indeed, the function of a device determines its energy needs. A device that only wakes up once a day to send some data doesn’t have the same needs as a smartwatch.

The energy source chosen is the most important factor in the design of smart objects. It is a real source of physical clutter.

It will therefore be a question of defining the different scenarios and validating them through a series of practical tests. This will give the usage limits and record the usage time of the system. This will allow the IoT battery to be optimized, and therefore to promote its autonomy.

Regarding the optimization of an IoT battery, it is necessary to take this issue into account from the design phase.

Indeed, several criteria must be noted to guarantee the success of the use of your connected object. You have to wonder about the operation, design, use of data, the number of sensors, etc. All of this will allow you to study the energy needs of your IoT battery. And thus be able to optimize its autonomy.

This study phase will also allow you to facilitate your decision-making when choosing the functionalities of your connected object (IoT). And thus optimize your time and costs.

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