Anthemis Technologies - Experte für Internet-Netzwerke, DashBoard-Implementierung auf dedizierten Remote-Servern für die Aktivitäten Ihrer verbundenen elektronischen Systeme

Dashboard: Analyze, visualize and supervise the activity
of your connected objects

Analyze, view and monitor the activity of your connected objects using our clear and personalized dashboard. This will give you a full suite of data visualization and analysis tools.

All the data collected will be stored in a database, allowing you to keep all the history of the activity of your connected object.

Multi-tenant dashboard – RBAC (Role Based Access Control) mechanisms: Only authorized users can have access to a certain type of data or level of organization.

Développement Dashboard

from the Dashboard, you can:

Configuration des Modules - Création de Site Internet - Anthemis Technologies

Manage your connected objects

Manage sensors and IoT data directly from your dashboard (start or stop an object, force data to be sent, etc.)


Geo Locate

Thanks to geo-tracking, you will be able to locate your connected objects in real time.



View the status of your objects or the alerts encountered. Quickly diagnose your breakdowns.


Find detailed statistics of all the activity of your fleet. View the history of each object since its creation.

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