imoove: imoove functional mobilization platforms

As in all professions, in the field of functional rehabilitation, sport and physical performance, man has always sought to implement more efficient care techniques to re-educate, correct and restore the human body to health. situation of autonomy and fullness of its functional capacities.


3D Elispheric Movement

At Anthémis Technologies we realize the creation of connected object like imoove which is a physiological simulator of organic movement. The elispheric imoove movement is unique in the world. It is a curved movement in the 3 planes of space, which follows spiral trajectories.


Physiological movement, rich and multiple

resulting from the observation of the original spinal movement, imoove simulates and stimulates the natural movement of the spine, articular pivots and spiral muscle chains.
The imoove platform wraps around a hemisphere with an eccentric component. Depending on the positioning on the platform, the elispherical stresses induced are different. The imoove movement is a centrifugal force in the three planes of space which pulls the body in its natural spiral.

Balance physiology

A transformation of balance involves perpetual adaptations of posture. In reaction to the situation of controlled imbalance induced by the 3D instability, our platform acts on the fundamental of the skeleton: posture.
This multisensory stimulation uses proprioception to control balance and thus generates global neuro-motor recruitment. The elispheric instability imoove impelled from the supports, spreads to the deep muscles of the back.
They coordinate and dynamically tone all the muscle chains through synchronous action with the articular pivots.

Video demonstration

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