Anthemis is specialized in IoT and guides you from the design to the fabrication of your connected devices
Anthemis, design house specialising in electronic design
Anthemis masters every step of prototyping!
We develop custom-made software and applications according to your specifications.
We develop firmware for 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers in C and on RTOS

Design House specialized in IoT
Electronics and Software Services

Anthemis is a research company created in 2006 specialising in electronics and software development for innovative products. In the past we have been very active in the regions of Rhône Alpes – Grenoble, Valence, and Lyon. We are now also working in the regions of Paris, Aix en Provence, Nice, Sophia Antipolis, Toulouse, as well as internationally.

Our services

Développement de système embarqué - Anthemis Technologies

On board systems development

Starting with your needs or ideas, Anthemis entirely designs your on-board system and supports you through the manufacturing process.  Our engineers, IT and electronics experts guarantee a high-performing and reliable final product.

Creation of connected devices

Specializing in the world of IoT (Internet of Things), in the creation of connected devices and in the design of applications M2M (Machine to Machine), Anthemis offers you its services for the design of your connected devices.

Création d'objets connectés
Prototype électronique

Electronic prototype

Anthemis puts the technical expertise of its team at your service to make your product’s prototype so as to validate your concept before launching and mass production.

Design of electronic boards

According to your specifications, Anthemis designs electronic boards suitable for your needs. This design goes through the defining of its architecture, a CAD to create the schema and then the routing of your electronic board. Our design house creates the firmware code necessary for the functioning of on-board electronics.

Conception de cartes électroniques
Fabrication carte électronique

Electronic board production

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to calibrate and optimize the costs and manufacturing of electronic boards. Whether it is for prototypes, batch or mass production, we offer production plans adapted to the goals of our clients.

Are you interested in our services?

Anthemis, design house and industrial manufacturing, develops and creates your connected devices by means of a team of experts specialized in new technologies. Our expertise comes from being up to date with technology, so as to bring you the latest connected technologies.

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