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Are you looking for a design house specialising in electronic design and IoT? We are recommended by many influential technology companies.

Anthemis implements balance and performance, maintaining manageable teams which are technically adapted. You can therefore be sure we will listen to you in order to perfectly manage your needs. While we are developping your on-board systems you are constantly in communication with a dedicated project advisor. Our organisation offers you a professional, adaptable and very attractive solution for the success of your project.


We develop ex-nihilo systems and electronic boards, or we start from technological bricks. Among the technical specifications that we write for you, we select the best electronical components while keeping the project in mind. We calculate and establish the architecture and electronic diagrams that will allow us to materialize your system. Through our software engineering service, we animate the electronics by creating the source code, the firmware and low-level drivers necessary for in-vehicle OS.

Our engineers master the numerical and analogical architecture without forgetting the fixed and wireless communication bus connections.

conception carte électronique - développement de système embarqué - Anthemis technologies
Schéma électronique - Anthemis technologies

Here are some examples of mastered technologies :

  • µC 8/16/32 bits (STM32, Atmel, Freescale, Texas, MicroChip…)
  • ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, SnapDragon
  • Communicating devices : Ble, SigFow, WiFi, Lora, Gsm, 4g
  • Analog electronic (captors)
  • Power electronic
  • Digital electronic (FPGA et CPLD ou SOC)
  •  Bus and networks (USB, CPL, CanOpen, Profinet, Ethernet IP)
  • Wireless (bluetooth, wifi, gsm, gprs, zigbee…)
  • IHM and every visual electronic (screen, display…)
  • IoT (Sigfox, LoRaWAN, LTE…)

Do you have a need for electronic design?

CAD & PCB of complex printed circuit boards

From single-sided circuit boards to complex multi-layered printed circuits, Anthemis is at your service to route PCBs.

To succeed in this technical step, Anthemis has high-performance software resources and a team of experienced engineers.

Taking the environment into consideration: thermal stress and dimensional constraints, industrialization, CEM, low voltage security, circuit testability, all of this is a knowledge that comes with experience.

Développement de système embarqué - Anthemis Technologies
Altium PCB

CAD Altium – Cadstar – Protel – Visula – CR5000 – Proteus – Eagle – KiKad

The design of a printed circuit or PCB as part of the electronic diagram input, the placement and routing after a careful analysis of the specification, taking into consideration all the environmental parameters of the circuit board.

Each step of the study of the CAD (diagram, placement, routing) is submitted to our client for approval.

At the outcome of a project, the whole file is given to you. It contains the technical file for wiring, the PCB manufacturing file and also the diagrams and PCB databases.


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